Write an obituary: How to honour the memory of a loved one

Writing an obituary can be a daunting task when you are grieving. In this blog post, learn how to write a heartfelt death notice that honours the memory of a loved one.

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can have. Finding the right words can be especially difficult when you are grieving, but writing a death notice can be an important step in the healing process. A tribute and respect for its life and legacy. This blog post explains how to write a heartfelt death notice that honours the memory of a loved one.

Start with the basics

When writing an obituary, it is important to include basic information such as name, date of birth, date of death, and family members. You can also include details about work, education, organisations the person has been involved with, and hobbies.

Share memories

One of the most important parts of an obituary is sharing your memories of the deceased. This can be done by sharing a personal anecdote, a favourite memory, or a meaningful experience you shared with them. It’s important to focus on having fun.

Express your condolences

It is important to express condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. This can be achieved by acknowledging the difficulty of their loss and offering words of comfort and support. You can also provide details of memorial services and precautions being taken.


Here’s an example obituary to get you started

  • In loving memory of [name] who passed away peacefully on [date]. [He/she] will be greatly missed by [his/her] family and friends. [He/She] was a loved [profession] who loved [hobbies/interests]. [He/She] touched the lives of so many people and will always be remembered for [insert memory]. We mourn the loss of [name] who passed away on [date]. [He/She] will forever be remembered by [his/her] loving family and friends. [He/She] was a kind-hearted person who always put others before [himself]. I will always cherish the memories I shared with [him/her].
  • It weighs heavily on our hearts to say goodbye to [name] who passed away on [date]. [He/She] was a devoted [profession] loved by all who knew [his/her]. [He/she] was passionate about [hobbies/interests] and was always keen to share [his] knowledge with others. You will be greatly missed.

Writing an obituary is never easy, but it is an important way to honour and remember the deceased. You can celebrate their lives and the impact they have had on those around them by sharing memories and expressing condolences. Use these tips and examples to honour the memory of your loved one to create an inspiring death note.


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