Why Are Dead Bodies Carried in Hearse Vans?

hearse vans

Hearse Vans are the vehicles that are specifically created for carrying dead bodies or to perform mortuary ceremonies. In our country where people are very firm about traditions, this tradition happens to be one of them. To pay homage to the deceased person, he has carried to a crematorium house where his family members perform all the last rites. To take that person to the crematory place, his body carried in this Hearse Van. There are certain types of funerals performed, one where the deceased body is immediately carried for cremation. And sometimes, the body stored in the freezer for days because the family members live abroad. 

In some backward regions of our country, people carried their family’s dead bodies on their shoulders for miles. Because of this reason, some of the Hearse Van runs free of cost voluntarily or by some NGOs. The deceased person’s body has wrapped in a sheet or coffin first and then placed in the Hearse Van. This vehicle has used to carry the dead remains of people for a long time now. A few years ago, the newspaper busted with the headlines of a man carrying his wife’s dead body on his shoulder. Since then, the government and some healthcare departments have ensured that such incidents are never repeated in the future. Every person has the right to live and die with dignity. The funeral ceremonies go long for 15 days in the Brahmin community and 13 days in other communities like Marwari’s, Sindhi’s. Respecting and keeping in mind the basic values, Hearse Vans are available in every particular region. 

Let’s know about the services that the Hearse Vans provide in detail:
  • The main purpose of Hearse Van is to carry the dead body to the crematorium cemetery.
  • The dead body has picked up from the deceased person’s house, and some of his closest family members allowed to sit in the van.
  • The body has laid on a stretcher and transferred into the Hearse van. It is either put into a coffin or covered with white sheets.
  • Hearse Vans can also decorated in some cases when a reputed or popular professional artist or service provider dies.
  • To pay homage and to respect the work that the deceased person has done throughout his life to make his/her country proud, the Hearse Van comes decorated with a bunch of flowers.

Hearse Vans also booked through a call. Sometimes, the place of death, i.e., the hospital, takes charge of such services and provides the hearse Vans. The last rites of the deceased person depend upon the religion that one follows as well. 

Anthyesti is one such funeral service company that helps you to plan the last rites of your loved one most easily. The company provides you with hearse vans, freezer boxes for storing the dead body, funeral helpers, and priests for shradh ceremonies as well. All the provisions for the ceremonies looked upon the team. They believe that your last minutes with your loved ones are precious. 

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