What Happens During the Cremation Process?

Overview of the cremation process.

The process is relatively straightforward. Once any viewing or funeral is over, there is no need for the remains to be present, and an autopsy, if needed, the cremation services can complete. Different state laws vary regarding the speed with which cremation can achieve. At Anthyesti, you can trust us to provide the best funeral services and experience the real difference. 

Here are points to know how the process of cremation followed: 

  • Before cremation, medical devices such as pacemakers has removed as they pose combustion problems for the process. The oven used to cremate the remains resembles a kill and powered by natural gas. It has designed to direct the ash to a collection system for a more accessible collection of the ashes and bone fragments. 
  • The process is not quick and usually takes over an hour to complete. Most crematories have an area adjacent where family members can sit and wait while the process is getting completed. 
  • Typically the funeral director or a funeral home staff member will also be there to attend to any mourners. The majority of the time, family members do not come to this process, but there are 2-3 close ones who can attend. All you hear is a low hum of the burners going that sounds faintly industrial. 
  • The oven door has a small window for the operator to check on the process to see if it is complete. Cremation is now down to more of a science than art as they can calculate with precision the length of time needed to cremate a body based on height, weight, and body mass.
  • Once the process is complete, the oven has swept clean to ensure any remains removed. Larger bone fragments are typically pulverized into smaller pieces, and the “cremains,” as they called in funeral home parlance. And placed in a heavy-duty plastic sack and into a cardboard box or urn and picked up by or delivered to the funeral home and given to the family, depending on the request of the deceased or family.
  • The funeral home handles the disposition of the remains, whether interred in a grave, placed in a columbarium, or given to the survivors to retain or dispose of, following local laws. 

How does the body react to cremation? 

The heat and flames break the body entirely down during cremation until bone fragments left over. 

How is the body positioned during cremation? 

While bodies are not sitting up, something called a pugilistic stance may occur. This has characterized as a posture because the body experiences immense heat and burning. During heat exposure, the muscle of the body contracts, and tissues may turn upside down, resulting in a boxer position. 

Understanding the cremation process fruitfully. 

The cremation process is a personal choice for every individual. Understanding the process is our duty to explain and help you with the conclusion. Anthyesti is a professional team providing cremation services as one of the services from various cities in India. 

It is essential to keep in mind to arrange service prior and pre-book if possible. If not, we can help you with the arrangements and procedure and want your ashes to scatter.

You can now opt for a pre-booking service that offers a personal touch to the funeral services and need not worry about the arrangements. The charges for the services are also affordable; for more information, you can connect with us. 

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