Tokens of Respect Given to the Deceased Soul with Hearse Vans

Do you want to arrange a hearse van in Kolkata? Don’t worry! Now, you have some dedicated people around you who can lend their helping hand. These people can help you in many ways. They can arrange all the necessary things required in the funeral ceremony. They can call for the priest who can precede the funeral session and also arrange the flowers in the funeral ceremony. Hindu tradition comprises several customs related to the death of a person. The rules are quite strict for the family members. The friends and other relatives can support the family by supporting them during the critical hours.

Components of Funeral Ceremony

  • Among all other things used in the funeral ceremony, we forget the importance of hearse vans. If there were no hearse vans, then the funeral ceremony would not start. The beginning of the funeral ceremony begins with the proper functioning of the hearse vans.
  • The hearse vans are a particular type of vehicle that carries dead bodies. In cities such as Kolkata, people are traditional. They believe in maintaining all the traditions by following the rituals. If any person dies, irrespective of the location, they are carried to the cremation site via hearse vans. If a person dies in an accident, then special hearse vans come into play. These vans transport the dead bodies to the cremation site. Their people remained in hospital and breathed their last. During this time, the hearse vans standing outside the hospital area will take the dead body to the cremation centre. The hearse vans are completely air-conditioned. The air-conditioner in the hearse vans is useful as it prevents foul odour. The hearse vans also prevent the early decomposition of the body.
  • The hearse vans transport the dead body from one place to another. It may happen that a person has died abroad. The deceased person has his family in a particular country and city like Kolkata. In such cases, the family members need to pay a visit to the area and bring back the dead body to the cremation site. The family members make the funeral ceremony at the birthplace of the deceased. The defined priest performs all the funeral rituals. The family members choose the priest as per their requirements. The priest chants prayers concerning the soul. The funeral site has flowers all around. The hearse vans carry the body to the site directly for cremation.
  • The authority who arranges the hearse vans also gets the documents ready. It makes transportation easy and hassle-free. The dead body carrying hearse vans can carry the body from an unknown land to the land of family, the delivery of the body from the morgue or other areas. A concerned authority who has a license issues a hearse van. The license number marks the importance of the hearse vans.

The funeral ceremony also includes white flowers like rajanigandha. Incense sticks with white flowers are kept in the hearse vans Kolkata as a token of love and respect to the person on his last journey.