Three Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation Service Over Burial

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Annie Besant once said, “The great advantage of cremation service– apart from all sanitary conditions – lies in the swift restoration to mother nature of the material elements composing the physical and astral corpse, brought about by burning.”Sadguru, the great Indian yogi and author say, “After the cremation, everyone becomes silent and accepts the reality of death.”Today people are choosing cremation service over burial, and there is an increasing trend towards cremation.

Besides the fact that cremation makes the loved ones of the deceased accept the finality of death, there are other reasons why people are choosing cremation over burial.

Reasons why people are choosing cremation service over burial

1. Cost-effectiveness: One of the reasons why there is a gradual shift towards cremation is because it is far less expensive than a burial. According to an estimate, the process of cremation is at least 40% to 50% less costly than burial. It is because, in the process of cremation, there is no need for caskets and embalming.  

2. Cremation service does not require land: Cremation saves land. As the population is increasing, the demand for land is also increasing. When one opts for cremation, one does not need land, and it saves land. Recently the Chinese government requested its citizens to choose cremation or sea burial over burial to protect the land and environment.

According to a report, approximately 10 million people die in China every year. This can take up to 10 million square meters of land if everyone opted for traditional burial. Also, increasing demand for the cemetery has lead to the increased price of cemetery space.  Therefore, cremation service for a deceased is a preferred option for many.

3. It is an eco-friendly option:  Cremation is more eco-friendly as it does not require a casket and does not require space on the ground. Also, it does not require the embalming process, which uses environmentally hazardous chemicals. Though it uses woods that are fuel cremation in crematoriums ensures less consumption of woods.

Cremation is a simple process than burial and is more likely to be a preferred choice of many due to the environmental concerns and land availability factors in the days to come.

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