The Need of Performing Pitru Paksha Puja Ritual

Hindu religions make us believe in performing various rituals to offer peace to the deceased person. This is the way to offer homage to the departed soul. Among these, Pitru Paksha Puja vidhi done by the family of the deceased person. People  believes that the food offered will directly reach the departed soul, which will bring them peace. Since this is an annual event, they ask to perform this ritual properly. Also, it has said that any mistake will affect the deceased person and the person carrying the ritual.

It is also said that once you feed the Brahmins, make sure to feed crows, ants, and dogs to complete the vidhi. Some also prefer to distribute food and clothes to needy people. This will help to create a connection between the ancestors and the present generation.

Following are some of the points which has strictly followed while performing this ritual:
  • While performing this ritual, make sure that the person offering prayers must do it near the water body. Some of the popular places to do this puja are Gaya, Allahabad, Puri, Rameshwaram, Badrinath, etc.
  • It is important for the person performing this puja to be clean and be in a calm state of mind.
  • Make sure to complete the thread ceremony before sitting for the puja.
  • Prefer to perform the Pitru paksha puja before noon. It is strictly prohibited to perform it in the evening and night.
  • After the puja has done, the Brahmins offers food and clothes. The Brahmins will eat the food in peace and calm, facing the south direction. It says, that if Brahmins enjoy, the ancestors will automatically be happy. Also, never interrupt the Brahmins while they are consuming food, as making them angry will make the ancestors unhappy.
  • Also, add some sweets like kheer, or anything else in the meal. Other things include pindas, ghee, fruits, etc.
  • Some people believe that it is necessary to prepare food in copper or silver vessels for Brahmins. Also, use cow’s milk for preparing any sweet dish. Also, the food has served in banana leaves or any other dried leaves.
  • It considers the best if you add basil while preparing food as basil makes everything pure. The ancestors will bless you with good health and happiness.
  • Once the Brahmins are fed, make sure to share food among ants, dogs, and crows. Then only you and your family should consume.
  • You can help needy people if you think you can afford it, and this is called mahadakshina.

So, the above things are done to do the ritual correctly. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the learned Brahmin. Also, as per Hindu holy textbooks, never miss out on Pitru paksha puja, as this will make your ancestors happy. We all need the blessings of our ancestors, and we wish them good wherever they are. So, make sure to perform this ritual for their well-being and for their blessings on the family.