The Importance of Freezer Box for Preserving the Dead Body

Your loved one’s death is a painful experience. It is time for the family to move on and time for consolation. Most of all, you need time alone without the pulls and stresses of organizing the final rites, handling logistics, and legal formalities. A Mortuary freezer box holds dead bodies for a short or long time. The military, hospitals, railways, airports, disaster camps use these dead body freezer box.


There is much dead body freezer box service available, and you can book them. The stainless-steel freezer box refers to the low-temperature dead bodies freezer box that will help protect the dead body without any decay. The package for freezing dead bodies consists of solid substances. It consists of a double-layer to avoid releasing any foul odor. The temperature in a dead body freezer box, which stops releasing any foul odor, varies from two degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius. To automatically change the temperature according to the requirement of the body, the dead body freezing box has a digital temperature indicator cum controller.




There is a cold space with a mortuary refrigerator in nearly every modern health care facility. They have come up with several features with the growing use of these fridges that further increase their usability in mortuaries.


Positive Temperature – Dead bodies are stored at temperatures ranging from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius in these types of cold chambers. Bodies are often kept for several weeks, but the decomposition of dead bodies is not stopped by these chambers. However, when compared to the average rate at room temperature, the rate of decomposition is sluggish.


Zero Temperature – Dead bodies are preserved in these cold chambers at temperatures from -10 to -50 degrees Celsius. Forensic institutions use these types of refrigerators.


Low temperature means that the body’s frozen state is reached, and the decomposition rate is very low.




A cost-effective and straightforward way of saving the corpse from decomposing is to freeze the dead body. You can book dead body freezer box and keep the deceased at a temperature below 40 F. Here are the reasons why a dead body freezer is essential:


Cremation Pause or Burial


Freezing is usually used within a few days or weeks of death when the viewing or funeral service has to take place. Most funeral homes do not allow burying embalmed bodies as it may affect the soil. When an extended time window is present between the body’s burial and transportation to the funeral destination, you must place the body in a mortuary freezer box.




It is a form of green body storage since it does not release chemicals other than body preservation methods. No dangerous health risk occurs from the frozen bodies to the individuals working in the mortuary.


Low cost and quick accessibility


It is cost-effective to hold a dead body in a freezer. The service is also accessible in many funeral homes and hospitals as well.


When you do dead body freezer box booking, it comes with a transparent glass enclosure on castor wheels for easy portability. With a freezer ambulance or box aid, the dead body must be protected for a long time.