The Carrier to the Last Journey

The arrangements of a funeral ceremony are not everyone’s cup of tea. One should have a perfect balance between your emotions and responsibilities. The death of your loved ones will be heavy on your emotions. Apart from fostering your emotions, you need to fulfil your responsibilities too. The arrangements for the funeral demand maximum attention. You need to note down every small detail while making arrangements. It includes the priest along with the flowers required in the ceremony. The Hindu tradition requires a priest who chants prayers. Our tradition also prefers white flowers as a form of respect. There are certain things to think while arranging things during the funeral ceremony. One of them is the transport of the dead body in a dead body carrying vehicle. This vehicle carries the body to the actual site of the funeral.

  • The death of a person is inevitable. So is the pathway leading to death. It is impossible to predict the time and place of death and in what disguise the death comes. There may be instances when death comes naturally, and the person passes away at home. In such cases, the dead body carriers are of less importance. There may be situations when the family members take the person to a hospital.
  • After fighting for life, there may be a time when a person takes his last breath. In such cases, the hospital authority has several formalities regarding the death of the concerned person. After getting through the no objection procedures and keeping the necessary documents handy. The family members have to wait for a long time.
  • After finishing this procedure, the family members get access to the dead body. The formal clearances require some time for their execution. There is a necessity for a dead body carrying vehicle. It carries the deceased person from hospital to home. The concerned hospital often confers this responsibility to the ambulance, but many times it is the family who arranges for one.
  • The concerned carrier vehicle carries the dead body home. All the family members have a definite timespan to have a last look at their loved ones. Then it becomes a headache for the family to arrange for another carrier vehicle. The vehicle is the most important aspect of cremation. Some dedicated people can arrange the dead body carrying vehicle on behalf of the family members and lend them a helping hand.
  • There may be some situations when some families decide to perform the delayed ceremony for their deceased ones. In such cases, the cremation time is after some time post-death. The final funeral ceremony is arranged in a venue away from the residential area. The venue can be a temple or other areas. In this case, the specialized people take the responsibility of carrying the dead body in a dead body carrier vehicle to the final site. These are the situations when people feel affection for those who care for them during their tough times. They will be the ones who will share the pain and also the responsibility.

In this tough situation, it is the inanimate carrier vehicle that forms the greatest miracle in our life. We should always trust the best. We should share our responsibilities with dedicated people. These dedicated people are those who strive hard to make you a bit stress-free.