Six Lesser-Known Facts About A Hearse

Most of us have seen a hearse during the course of our lives. It is the mode of transporting a dead body to its final resting place. Nowadays, hearses are of different types with the latest amenities such as the dead body freezer box in Noida, ultra-modern lights, bigger in size to accommodate more people, etc. You may even get a customized hearse van from a funeral service provider. Below we provide you with six facts you probably did not know about hearses.

  • In western countries, hearses are mostly black in colour as black is a symbol of mourning. White and gray hearses are usually rare.
  • The term hearse is in use since the 16th century. In its earliest form, a hearse was used to describe a framework for candles that used to dangle from above the coffin. Since 1640, the term came to be used with reference to funeral transportation. The earliest hearses were very simple in construction.
  • Hearses vary from culture to culture, especially in colour. For example, in eastern culture, you will commonly find hearses in white and golden colours and tend to be decorated extravagantly. Meanwhile, in India, you will not find a sedan model easily, as a hearse, which is so predominant in the western world. Specially converted hearse vans, which are also called funeral vans, can be seen commonly in India.
  • One of the world’s most costly hearse van is the Rolls Royce phantom hearse b12, which is built by a custom builder from Italy, Biemme Special cars, and uses a Rolls-Royce 6.75-liter V12 engine. The hearse is 23 feet long, which is nearly 3 feet longer than the usual hearses. The car is made completely of aluminium, and the brightly shining LED’s inside the coffin zone is a unique feature.
  • Nowadays, hearses are no less than a luxury vehicle. For the elite class, to be able to give your loved one a fitting final tribute means getting an extravagantly decorated luxury vehicle for the transportation of the dead body to its final resting place. Powerful engines are used in luxury hearses to help them carry the extra weight easily and so that they last longer.
  • Nowadays, most hearses come with a dead body box in Noida, which is essential to prevent the dead body from decomposition. This is especially important when the distance to be travelledis long. However, if the distance is short, you may not require a freezer box and an AC hearse could be sufficient to keep the dead body in good condition until it reaches the cemetery. A dead body should be kept in good condition as it reduces the overall cost of the funeral, like embalming and cosmetic procedures.

You must choose a hearse van from a reputed company to avoid hassles and unnecessary last-minute complications. A good hearse will provide you with all amenities and make sure to reach the cemetery in time.