Shiboprasad-Nandita Announces New Film Pertaining to Death and Last Rites

Kolkata : Hanging frames on a light yellow stage. From that frame is the garland hanging. Whose memory is this garland for? The frame is empty. None of the many frames on the stage have any pictures. So what is the purpose of arranging so many memories? Shiboprasad Mukherjee, the director of the North Mill. All these arrangements are actually to announce the next film of Shiboprasad and Nandita Roy. The name of the picture is ‘’. ,the establishment of a burial company in Kolkata and its subsequent success. Mayor Debashis Kumar and Shruthi Reddy were present along with Shiboprasad and Nandita at the announcement of the film officially at the Trihadhara Convention premises in South Kolkata.

Why choose such a thing? “We can find out about the audition from a magazine,” said ShiboPrasad. “Shruthi started the first professional funeral undertaking company in Kolkata. Reading the idea of ​​starting a business as a daughter, we thought it could be very different as a picture subject. After many struggles, Shruthi has managed to set up herown business today. Kolkata is now becoming a city populated with old people. So in many cases, after death, no one is around. At that time, the funeral company handled all the post deathwork with responsibility. It’s not a matter of getting out of a fancy business like this with a complete monopoly. But all in the film will be shown as a chillingly funny story.

How did you start such a fancy company? “I quit my job and started this business,” said Shruthi. “No one was with herthat day. I thought if there was a planner for a wedding or a birthday, why not get one for the post-death rules? But at that time, nobody came forward to hear about my business. “

After that start today the audition team of Windows Productions. Their organization is headquartered in Kolkata. Besides, they are now working in Bengaluru.

Two years ago, ShiboPrasad called herto try to make a film about the life of Shruti. Finally,the work on that film is about to begin. The will be built around the Trihadhara area.

Nandita wrote the story and screenplay of the film. He said, “Feminist-centric stories are always my favourite. Viewers may think that it would be very sad if the body of the deceased was the subject of an interview. But not at all. The picture is going to be a lot of fun which will make the viewer feel good. That made us very interested. We felt that this was a strange thing a woman was doing in Kolkata, and we felt that this story needs to be told by the people. ”

The names of the actresses in the film have not been finalized yet. However, the director said that the work of the film will start this year.

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