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Prayer Hall

We offer well planned and organized ceremonies conducted after the cremation or burial. The Chauthi/Terahvi ceremonies is a mourning period, for one to pray as well as heal with their family and friends by their side. While you and your family is focused on being with your loved ones, our team members will take care of each arrangement from prayer hall booking to customizing food menu for your guests. We also provide services as sending invitations to friends and family, framing of the photograph, elegant floral decor, singers/artists for the prayer meeting, waiter services, and many more. Our team members are always just one call away.

We respect the importance of all rituals and customs and will assist you in each one of them. Rituals and customs like Rasam Pagri, Shanti Puja, Pindadanam,etc . You may need to take care of many things such as prayer hall booking, prayer hall decoration, seating arrangements, and much more. Our team members will take care of all the details from Pujari to Samagri. Anthyesthi will provide you with the best of funeral services and support. Allow us to hold your hand and help you through this time of need.

Chauthi/Tehravi Services –

  • Funeral Prayer hall booking.
  • Framing of the photograph.
  • Elegant and beautiful floral arrangements.
  • Catering service with different menu choices.
  • Crockery cutlery and waiter service.
  • Singer / raagi for the prayer meeting.

Life after a loss can be tormenting, and the only refuge at such a delicate situation are prayers. We give our best for the completion of the rituals and customs with dignity and respect, the time spent with people who we care about, and those are the kind words of wisdom and knowledge by the gurus and mahatmas that prayers can have a profound and transformative impact on the way we perceive or process the loss.

Customized prayer hall booking service

  • Beautifully framed photographs of the departed soul.
  • Floral arrangements for an elegant prayer meet.
  • Provision of Samagri for rituals.
  • Professional singer for prayer and condolence meeting.
  • Catering services with a personalized menu
  • Havan Services by knowledgeable pandits.
  • Comfortable seating and lighting arrangements.
  • Live streaming of the event of prayer meet.

Allow Anthyesti to be your peacemaker for these times of distress. Our team members are highly professional and knowledgeable when it comes to bidding farewell.

  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship
  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship
  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship

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The Chautha/Tehravin/Pindadan/Tarpan/Brahman Bhoj ceremonies are an important part of the funeral of your loved one. We offer closely planned and organized services in the memory of your loved one. During such hard times, we want you to spend time with your family and friends. Our team of professionals will look after all the arrangements ranging from prayer hall bookings in Calcutta to customized food menus. Our services include creating and publishing personalized invitations, framing photographs of the deceased, organizing elegant floral decor, arranging for bhajan singers, server services, staff for managing, and much more. We assure you we will be a look awayThe last Journey respects the significance of all rituals and customs and will assist you with each one of them. Ceremonies like Shanti Puja, Pindadan, Tarpan, Brahman Bhoj, Chautha, and Tehravin hold a lot of value. There are several things to remember and arrange such as pandit services, samagri kit, bookings, decor, seating, lighting, and much more. We take care of the minutest of details. Anthyesti will provide you with all the guidance and support that you may need. Allow us to be a part of your families!
Considering the ongoing pandemic and the government rules and regulations, Anthyesti has introduced the initiative of prayer meetings via zoom. This service ensures the fulfilment of the social distancing norms and that each one of your loved ones, whether in remote places or across the country borders, gets to be a part of the service.
We offer personalized services for prayer halls. You can view the list of places that we can book for you to hold a prayer meeting in Kolkata. We offer bookings for Maths & Community Halls, etc. You can specify your requirements, and we will make sure that we deliver what you are looking for.
That depends solely on the venue you are booking. We have a list of places that you can book for a prayer meeting and with each venue.
Before rating any funeral service provider you should check for : 1. look for their number of funerals serviced. 2. check for the media mentioning about them and their services. 3. Listen to their true testimonials like audio recordings. we hope that we have clarified the questions you had about the funeral services by these questions and answers. if you liked this article and it’s informative please do share this article on your all social media channels and you can also connect to us through these following social links. Facebook: website:

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