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The demise of your loved one can be one of the most challenging times of your life. On top of losing the person, planning and performing a funeral service becomes an extra burden. We, at Anthyesti, understand that it isn’t an easy thing to do. In order to make things easier for you with the planning of the funeral service, we offer a range of services.

In order to plan a funeral, there will be several things that you have to keep in mind. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on the day you say your final goodbye. We understand and empathize with you in such scenarios, and to extend our support, we offer hearse van service in the country.

Our founder, Shruti Reddy, and her constant efforts have made it possible for us to succeed as a team and company in providing these services to you. The third edition of NEA, the National Entrepreneurship Award, was given to her for her outstanding job at assisting funerals through timely services.

If you'd like a traditional hearse or something a little different, we can help you find the right vehicle for the day of the funeral.

Why Choose Hearse Van Services from Anthyesti Funeral Service?

During the tough time of a loved one’s demise, it is difficult to process things and take decisions. But it is also necessary to understand the importance of time. Quick actions are required to transport the dead body to prevent it from decaying. And when you are looking for hearse van service you should consult Anthyesti. Anthyesti Funeral Services will provide hearse van and dead body transportation services as per the customers requirements. Anthyesti Funeral Service has completely equipped Hearse vans for deady body transportation.

  • How do I choose the right hearse van service?

Obviously, during the devastating period, one does not care about good or bad service but it is important to choose the right service for mortuary van. Choosing the correct hearse van service such as Anthyesti is important to ensure that the dead body is transported safely with the coffin and suffers no further physical damage. A well-spaced and air-conditioned van is important to make sure the temperature is controlled. Keep these factors in mind before you book hearse van from Anthyesti.

  • Should I hire a hearse van for a funeral?

People often have misconceptions regarding hearse vans for funerals. It is believed that hearse vans are only used for long-form transport of dead bodies but it is not true. There are different categories of vehicles available with companies offering hearse van service according to the budget and purpose.

  • How to transport a dead body in a hearse van?

A hearse van is well equipped with AC and other basic measures to prevent the body from any damage or decay. But when you get a hearse van for funeral processions, the vehicle carries safely, the body in a coffin. The body is packed before being put into the coffin and then the hearse van. This is done to add extra layers of protection. Following these guidelines for protection is important as the funeral can be time-consuming and affect the body.

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A hearse van is a well-equipped vehicle that is used to carry dead-body from home to the crematorium. And also hearse van gives more comfortable compared to other vehicles.
There are many funeral service providers in India for arranging hassle-free dignified services you have to choose certified Funeral service providers. Anthyesti funeral services are marked as the best funeral service provider in India. To enquire about hearse Van Contact: +91 9883318181
Just not to waste your time in hearse van services, just contact Anthyesti funeral services. Anthyesti is serving for the last 5 years in India with all the best services.
Generally, people use Ambulance for dead-body transportation, if any specific requirement or on-demand only a hearse van will be used. But if you're using Hearse Van for dead body transportation. It shows the more dignified way of send-off. For booking Ambulance or Hearse Van for dead body transportation kindly contact Anthyesti Funeral Services.
Sometimes, a Normal ambulance will customize and convert to a hearse van, But a hearse van is completely different from Ambulance. From Anthyesti you will specially designed hearse van only.
Because in an ambulance only body stretcher will be available but in hearse van Body stretcher along with the seats for the family members.
Yes, there are many advantages to the Hearse van, mainly it gives more comfortable when compared to other vehicles. And also, hearse Van has enough space for 5 family members to travel along with the deceased human remains.
Hearse van is generally used for short-distance trips, such as from home to cremation ground or else from hospital to cremation ground.
Minimum charges will be around 3000 to 5000, But the cost depends on the start and the destination location along with the waiting time.
Once you have taken the booking from Anthyesti funeral services, we will send the hearse van to the location before 1 hour of the start time. If your book for any emergency then the vehicle will take 45 min to 1 hour for reaching the location. Timings might vary based on the distance.

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