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The freezer box helps preserve the body of a loved one for few hours till the time the last rites are performed. The freezer boxes are designed in a way that family and friends can view the deceased and pay regards. You might need to preserve the body of a loved one for various reasons. It can be identification, autopsy, or waiting for distant relatives to arrive for the funeral. The portable freezer box helps in all the above situations.

The freezer box is made of stainless steel with 2-layer protection for safety. The freezer box has a significant weight. One of the major benefits of a freezer box is that it prevents decomposition of the body for a day or two. The temperature ranges between 0-8 degrees, which slows down decomposition.

It is an unimaginable experience for somebody to hear news of the demise of a loved one. Nobody would like to receive the most dreaded phone call. However, everybody has to go through this experience at some point in their lives. It can be a very tough time for anybody to lose somebody close to the heart. However, life goes on. You will have to do the needful to ensure that your loved one makes a smooth passage to the other side.

Anthyesti presents to you a varied range of funeral-related services to make the entire proceeding way more manageable for you. It can be challenging to keep your mind straight when you are grieving and focus on conducting a funeral. Because of this reason, our professionals will be there to help you out and provide the support that you need. We offer end-to-end services, which also include a dead body freezer service.

A cremation service is quite intricate, with a lot of details to handle. Nothing can go wrong with the process. We, at Anthyesti, will make sure that everything goes in order, right from the transportation to the Hindu ceremonies.

You may also want to preserve the body of your loved one. It is quite natural to feel that day. Some people also mention it in their will. For some, it has to do with their religious beliefs. If you plan to preserve the body, you can ask for a dead body freezer box on hire. You can make a booking online directly on our website.

If you request a freezer box, we will send the best embalmers to your doorstep to carry out the process. Trust us with our methods because we do everything by the book, which makes our procedures 100% approved and safe.

The prices of a freezer box will range between INR 5000 and 10000. However, a regular freezer box will cost you around INR 4500. Anthyesti also promises optimal freezing, ensuring that the body is intact. You can make the dead body freezer box booking on our website.

Apart from freezer box services, we also provide repatriation of human remains from other countries. There is a lot of documentation and clearances a body has to go through for transporting it to the loved ones. We will do it all for you at a very affordable price range. Our embalming team will also do the needful to make sure that the packaging conditions are optimal for transfer by air, rail, or road.

Some people want to ready for the most unexpected to happen in their lives. If you are one of them, you can plan in advance for it. By doing so, you will be relieving your family from the nuances of planning a funeral well in advance. By planning for a funeral, your last wishes would be also be honoured.

Anthyesti is known for its years of quality service at affordable prices. If you want the best service and professionals, we will provide that to you. Trust us, and we will do everything possible to keep you happy.

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Dead Body Freezer Box Service


  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship


  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship


  • director service
  • cremation process
  • dressing & cosmetizing
  • transportation ship



Dead body freezer box is generally called as Mortuary box, dead body box, and dead body icebox. Freezer Box used to preserve the deceased body from decomposition for a few hours.
The Freezer boxes designed for dead body preservation, It has a cabinet to place the human remains the temperature will be maintained in a freezing level so the body.
Freezer Box will be necessary for storing the human remains for more than 24 hours. Due to various reasons family members will postpone the cremation on that time freezer box will be used to store the body and it avoids body decomposing.
Mainly people use freezer box in two situations
1. While transferring the body between the states.
2. when cremation process will be postponed.
There are two variety of freezer box
1. Portable freezer box
2. Fixed to dead body van. Freezer boxes built with stainless steel or glass it will avoid the contamination.
Freezer box cost will majorly depends on
1. Type of freezer box
2. Number of days for the freezer box requirement.
3. Distance.
Yes, all the professional freezer box providers like Anthyesti funeral services clean the freezer box after every use and sanitize the complete freezer box or freezer box fitted dead body van.
No, generally freezer box will not be having stretchers, it is designed with wheelbase for easy portability.
No, portable freezer will be connected directly and also generator is used as a power back up.
Yes, Anthyesti funeral services, provides all kind of opportunity for pre-book the freezer box services. You just have to confirm the service with required details.

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