Three Tips For Evaluating The Quality Of Care Provided By An Ambulance Service


The job of an ambulance service is to take the patient to the hospital as fast and possible.  The role of an ambulance service includes taking care of the patient on the way and give him or her a safe ride to the hospital. If an ambulance service gets careless, it can be dangerous for the patient.

Life is in the hands of the ambulance service.  If an ambulance breaks down on the way due to improper maintenance, then the patient suffers, and it can even pose a threat to the patient’s life.

In India, the maintenance of the government-operated ambulance services is an issue.  Therefore one needs to be cautious while selecting the ambulance service at the time of emergency.

Here are three tips for measuring the quality of care provided by an ambulance service:

Measures for quality service

1. Maintenance of vehicle and equipment:  Ambulance services are responsible for pre-hospital care, and therefore their maintenance is significant.  Sometimes, the ambulance vehicle breaks down while taking the patient to the hospital.  Sometimes the equipment in the ambulance is not in a functional condition.  So it is critical to call a reliable ambulance service.

2.  Timely: The ambulance must arrive on time.  In India, around 33% of road accident cases and 99% of cardiac arrest cases do not survive.

It is because they do not get the quality treatment within one hour or less of the injury, which is the golden hour. The ambulance should reach within 20 minutes of call in the urban area and 40 minutes of being called in the rural area.  If the response time is beyond this time, then it is not a quality service, and availing such service can mean a threat to the patient’s life.

3.  First-aid and pre-hospital care:  A quality ambulance service is one that provides proper first-aid and pre-hospital care to the patient in the transit to the hospital.  Its role is not to merely take the patient to the hospital but during an emergency, provide immediate care and life support as well.  The emergency medical technicians should have the training, and they should be able to give first-aid care to the patient during trauma or injury and know how to pick up and carry an injured person.

Life is precious, and it takes a quality emergency ambulance service to save it.

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