Prayashchit Service in Varanasi


Sankalp & Prayashchit Service in Varanasi



Prayashchit is nothing but performing the ritual for purifying sins. In the world nobody is perfect, humans will commit sins knowingly or unknowingly in the past it might lead to many problems for themself or their family. In humans it is common that unknowingly if they commit any sins they will be guilty of doing so it is very important to learn from the past mistakes so the same mistake will not repeat in future. This guilt sometimes impacts on the growth of a man physically, mentally and spiritually.

One can get rid of these performs by performing shraddha rituals, one has to complete aprakarya rituals in  varanasi like abdikam, masika and sankalpa shradha etc. Why people prefer to perform shraddha rituals in varanasi is because performing shraddha rituals in sacred places will give more benefits when compared to other cities.  Anthyesti will arrange all kinds of aparakarya shradha rituals at varanasi, everything will be arranged as per your requirement. Our pandiths will give you complete details of puja. If you want to know any details about Varanasi aparakarya rituals Contact Anthyesti.


The Popular Places of Conducting Last Rites and Also Do Live Cremations in Varanasi Is :

Manikarnika Ghat : This is one of the holiest cremation grounds among the sacred riverfronts, alongside the river Ganga, in the city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Harishchandra Ghat : One of the numerous kings who ruled India and left an indelible impression on the Hindu way of life was Raja Harischandra. This ghat is named after him.

Dashashwamedh Ghat : Ganga Aarti (ritual of offering prayer to the Ganges river) is held daily at dusk. Several priests perform this ritual by carrying deepam and moving it up and down in a rhythmic tune of bhajans. Special aartis are held on Tuesdays and on religious festivals.