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Funeral services are something that does not tend to carry any positive meaning. However, it remains close to our hearts. A funeral service is a tradition that gives a tribute to the departing soul. It is always a situation of melancholy when you lose someone near and dear to you. Losing a person makes you feel the pain and responsibility simultaneously.

However, Anthyesti makes sure you can subside your grief and make way for proper funeral arrangements efficiently. People at Anthyesti help you arrange a perfect funeral and accompany you on the last rites of your loved ones.

What is a Funeral Service?

It is a mode of paying last tribute to the departing soul of your near and dear ones and staying beside them during their last journey. It is a form of recalling the memories in front of the body present on the funeral spot. The funeral services vary according to religion. There are prevalent rituals of traditional Hindu rituals of cremation followed by a burial system.

The Hindu rituals of funerals usually begin with the traditional chanting of holy mantras. The priest precedes the entire session in the presence of the family members.

Few Types of the Funeral Services

Emergency Funeral Services– Some families choose to finalize the funeral rituals soon after the death of the individual. It is the rapid mode of funeral services that finds application in certain situations. Suppose the patients had been in serious condition in hospital. Post-death, the family members will wish to complete the funeral as soon as possible. Anthyesti dedicatedly caters to this immediate disposition need as per the requirement of the family. They make all the necessary arrangements and make this situation a hassle-free one.

A Prolong-Type– Suppose an individual has died a lonely death. The family members stay out of the country. In this case, the close family members choose to preserve the dead body. Anthyesti helps them in this regard too. They make necessary arrangements for the dead body carrier vehicles. These special vehicles are hearse vans that can preserve the body in low temperatures. It helps the family members to reach the funeral site on time and prepare for the essential rituals.

A Planned Funeral- Nowadays, you can also pre-plan the funeral of your near ones with Anthyesti. It will give you ample time to arrange things effectively.

Place and Duration of the Funeral Services

  • Usually, The Family Members Choose The Place For The Funeral Services To Occur. However, The Duration Of The Funeral Services May Vary Among Various Caste, Communities, And Religions. While The Brahmins Have A Thirteen-Day Ritual, Other Communities May Complete It Within Eleven Days.
  • People Tend To Decorate The Funeral Site As Per Their Requirements. Anthyesti Remains By Their Side From The Beginning Till The Completion Of The Ceremony. They Help In Arranging Hearse Vans Followed By Decorative Materials. Hindu Funeral Ceremony Is Incomplete Without The Use Of White Flowers. Suitable White Flowers Adorn The Site, Along With The Smell Of The Incense Sticks. Some Families Choose To Have Flower Vases Along Each Corner. Anthyesti Also Makes Sure To Arrange A Priest For The Session.

The Hindu funeral rituals are elaborate and, we often worry about the cost of the funeral service. You need not worry when Anthyesti is there. They make all the necessary arrangements within the stipulated time and that too in a cost-effective manner.

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