How to Transport a Dead Body from One Indian City to Another

To transport a dead body from one city in India to another city is not just a challenging task. But also a tough task. You can transport the body by ambulance. There is a possibility to also transport via train. There are many helpline numbers when contacted could help you make the travel easier.

Many people try to transport a dead body by train to perform the last rites in their own city. Besides an ambulance, a train is one of the options to consider because of the wider connection across India. But the process is not that easy. There are certain procedures that you need to follow to transport a dead body. There is some documentation as well that needs to complete for train cargo approval.

How to Transport a Dead Body Through a Train?

Usually, there is no compartment that is separate inside the train to carry a dead body. The body must transporte in the cargo of the regular passenger train, or it can also transporte in a goods train. You need to book a passenger ticket to accompany the dead body. Also, for the dead body coffin, you need to take a cargo ticket.

Please note that the dead body won’t accepte directly for cargo. Complete documentation must do with clearance. The body must packe in the coffin in order for it to accepte by the cargo section people. After you get approval, the dead body will place in the cargo and sent to the destination railway station where you can pick it up again.

Step by Step Process to Transport a Dead Body in Train

  • Firstly, you need to get a death certificate from a doctor or a hospital.
  • Once you have the death certificate, get a no objection certificate from the police station.
  • If a post-mortem is done, you must get the post-mortem certificate as well.
  • After that, embalming must be done and get the embalming certificate.
  • Once embalming is done, pack the body in a coffin box and get the coffin box certificate.
  • Now find the available trains that accept cargo. Visit the railway station to find the details and get approval.
  • Get approval for the coffin box by providing the documents. Next, book the cargo ticket as well as the passenger who will be travelling with the body.
  • Handover the body cargo section. Take the cargo ticket and provide it at the destination.
  • Once you reach the destination, collect the body using the ticket provided.
  • Then, make your arrangements to transport the body to your desired location either through an ambulance or any other service provider who takes care of end-to-end services.

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