How to give first-aid to save a life in an emergency?

first-aid to save a life in an emergency

In emergencies, 90% of the time, it is the ordinary people around the patient or victim who save their lives. If you know how to give first-aid in an emergency, you can save a life during an emergency.
You can be a teacher in a school and may need to give first-aid to a child, you can be a morning walker in a park, and a fellow walker may need your help.

So before getting into the detail about how to give first-aid, let us keep in mind the three immediate actions that we need to take during an emergency.

1. Call an ambulance: Emergency requires professional care to the patient. So the first thing that you need to remember is to call an emergency ambulance service to take the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Evaluate the scene: Based on what the emergency is, you need to evaluate the emergency scene if it is safe for you to go and help the victim.
Because if you endanger your life, you will not be able to provide any help to the victim.

3. Take permission of the patient before providing any help: Before you give any first-aid to the patient, ask for their approval. If they are conscious, you can take their permission. If they are unconscious, then you should do what is needed to give the first aid.
Now the emergencies can be of various types.
Following are the first-aid care tips for each type of emergency:

1. Asthma: In the case of asthma, the symptoms are difficulty breathing, tightness of the chest, difficulty talking, stress, anxiety, etc. If you notice someone with these symptoms, sit him or her down and allow the person to lean forward to let them breathe easily. Ask them if they are on medication for asthma and if they are, then make them take it.

2. Human and animal bites: These types of injuries are quite common in children. Assess the seriousness and nature of the trauma. If the trauma is too much and the person is profusely bleeding.
Call ambulance service immediately, and in the meanwhile, clean the wound with antiseptic wipes and swabs and apply antiseptic cream and bandage it to prevent further bleeding.

3. Burns: Burns can be of various degrees.
If it is a minor burn, you should run cold water on it. Do not touch or puncture the blisters. Apply moisturizers like aloe vera over the burnt area and protect the person from heat and sunlight. In the case of major burns, you should not apply ointment. You need to cover the wound with loose material to prevent it from any infection.

4. Fracture: In case of a fracture, elevate the limb with a fracture. Do not try to straighten it or massage it as it will hurt the patient and can cause further damage. If the pain is intolerable, you may give an anti-inflammatory drug. Get medical attention as soon as possible.

5. Heart attack:
In case of a heart attack, the first thing is to call the emergency ambulance service. Ask the person to take nitroglycerine, if prescribed. If they are wearing tight clothes, you may ask them to loosen them. If you have taken training for CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you can give it to the patient if needed.
So learn to give the first-aid and be the one who can save a life. In case of any emergency, you can call the Anthyesti ambulance service in Bangalore.

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