How the cremation process takes place?

cremation process

Every person that comes into this world has to leave this family behind and leave the existing body. This is the time when the person dies, and the family members have to do the last rites. For their beloved one so that his/ her soul can rest in peace. The process of cremation might be different from culture to culture. Some people might also bury the dead body. But some things remain the same i.e., Hearse van, which takes the dead body to the place where it is going to be buried or cremated.

Nowadays, many people have become aware of the cremation process. Even some people have started planning for it in advance because it is a situation that every person needs to undergo. It is very important to consider the process of cremation. So that there is no confusion at the time of such sad situations.

Let’s have a look at them.

Identifying the deceased: The state has the record of every citizen living there. At the time of any person’s death, it is very important to contact the family members. So that the verification of the deceased person has done. Once the confirmation has done, further documents needed to provide for the final verification.

Authorizing the procedure: The family needs to have official permission from the crematory.  And the final arrangements can be made accordingly. Some paperwork needs to be done that will confirm all the information about the cremation. And the person who will pick the remains from the place.

Preparing the body: It is the last journey of the person after, so it is very important. To prepare the body according to the last wish of the person and the family. From dressing to cleaning, everything has done to prepare the body for cremation. All the medical devices removed from the body so that there is no reaction. After all of this, the body is finally placed in a strong enough vessel to hold weight.

Moving into the cremation chamber:

Once the body has prepared, the body taken from the hospital or from home to the cremation place in a hearse van. From there, it has put into the specially designed furnace, the body exposed. To the extreme temperature, i.e., up to 1800 degrees, and it will leave behind the ashes that has taken off when the camber is completely cooled down.

Finalizing the remains: Any person from the family can come to pick the remains of the body. It will include any of the metal pieces, joints, and nails of the deceased person. Finally, everything washed off, and these remain transferred into an urn and returned to the family.

So, it is the basic process that every person should be aware of as this situation can come to any family anytime. Though it is a very hard time for any of the family, this is the last thing that done for the deceased person.