Hiring Dead Body Freezers in Chennai

The world is not a safe place and death is unpredictable. Several times we witness incidents of an accident and sudden death under unavoidable circumstances. Last year, Chennai witnessed over 1100 deaths due to accidents and the number will increase multifold if we start calculating data of deaths due to medical and natural reasons. Anthyesti understands the mourning family and their pain but also knows the need in case of a death. Thus, we offer dead body freezer box services in Chennai which preserve the body and prevent further decay. Post transportation, our services for mortuary dead body freezer box in Chennai help store dead bodies in case they have to be transported. Let us look at some common questions regarding the freezer box in Chennai.

Dead body freezer box on Hire in Chennai

Post demise, a person’s dead body’s regular functions shut down and slowly due to lack of oxygen and other essentials in the body, it starts to decay. But the body if decayed will not be fit for the funeral ceremony and thus a freezer box is what you should look for. Even when transporting the body over long distances, you should look for a dead body freezer box on hire as these will ease the process by delaying the decay.


What is embalming?

After death, the body starts to decay and the body needs to be preserved to increased longevity either for religious or sanitation purposes. After washing the body with disinfectants, the body undergoes cleansing where all the blood is removed and replaced with formaldehyde based chemical products. All the major organs such as eyes, jaws and even teeth are preserved and fixated in their respective places. Other internal organs are emptied of any gas or fluids and preserved. This is the entire process of embalming following which the body is put into a coffin.

Why does a dead body need a freezer box?

Embalming is a process of preserving a body using chemicals for funerals and transportation purposes. But, at times, embalming isn’t enough to keep the body away from decay and one needs to look for dead body freezer box rental to ensure that no damage is done until the body has been transported. It is important because once the functions stop working, the body starts to decay. In a freezer box, the temperature keeps this from happening.

How long does a dead body last in a freezer?

A body freezer box is designed to preserve the body and prolong it for transportation and funeral ceremonies. But, there is no limit on the number of hours it will withhold a body. Different situations require different timelines and thus the main motive of a body freezer box is to maintain temperature and avoid damage. Anthyesti offers services for the Freezer box in Chennai and ensures prolonged effect and easy movability.

How soon will the freezer box rental firm provide a box?

If you are looking for a dead body freezer box on rent, you must be going through a tragic time and the need of the hour is to speed up the preservation process. We offer dead body freezer box services in Chennai with quick service and easy availability. A dead body is impacted by the surroundings and weather and so it is important to use a freeze box as soon as possible. We make sure that the freezer box is provided within a few hours for anyone in Chennai.

Do dead body freezer box dealers in Chennai offer doorstep delivery?

Most dead body freezer box service providers in Chennai have their own set of terms and conditions but if the dead body is at your home or any other location, you can call for a freezer box and avail doorstep delivery. We understand the situation and to put less responsibility on the grieving family, we ensure doorstep delivery in Chennai to lessen the burden.

So, if you are looking for services during such unfortunate times, call us at +91-98833-18181 and let us take over because we understand your pain.