Hearse Van Services in Inderpuri

Hearse Van Services by Anthyesti in Inderpuri:
  1. Hearse van service within New Delhi: Anthyesti provides hearse van services within New Delhi to carry the dead body from hospital to home and from home to the funeral place.
  2. Hearse van service outside of New Delhi:

Anthyesti provides hearse van services to carry the body from New Delhi to other cities in India as well.

Why Hearse Van?

The time of the demise of a loved one is emotionally challenging. However, honoring the dead and making sure that the last rites give them the perfect send-off is significant. In unfortunate scenarios of death, one needs a hearse van service in Inderpuri, New Delhi to carry the dead body in case of a funeral or transport it to another city. Anthyesti understands the feelings of the suffering family and offers services for a hearse van and ambulance in Inderpuri, New Delhi, taking care of everything necessary.

Types of Hearse Vans

Anthyesti has a fleet of hearse vans according to your preference and budget:

  1. Innova Limo Hearse: The Toyota Innova vehicles are customized into comfortable Limo Hearse and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops, with A/C and 1+4 bearer seats.
  2. Eicher Hearse: These Eicher vehicles turned into a comfortable processional Hearse van are equipped with a full A/C system and Freezer with 1+ bearer seats.
  3. Heaven’s chariot: Heaven’s chariot is a unique vehicle. It is for an open-air view. It is ideal for processional homage. The VIPs, VVIPs, and celebrities use these vans.
  4. Tempo traveler hearse: The FORCE tempo traveler vehicles are customized into comfortable Hearse and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops with full air-condition, and 1 + 6 bearer seats.
  5. The Qualis hearse: The Qualis vehicles are customized into a comfortable hearse van and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops with full air-condition, and 1 + 3 bearer seats.
  6. Singapore style hearse: Singapore style Hearse the Toyota Qualis is customized and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops with a full A/C system, and a 1+1 bearer seat.
  7. The Scorpio hearse: The Mahindra Scorpio vehicles are customized into a comfortable hearse van and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops with full air-condition, and 1 + 3 bearer seats.
  8. Winger Hearse: The TATA Winger vehicles are customized into a comfortable hearse and equipped with rollers, adjustable coffin stops with full air-condition, and 1 + 6 bearer seats.
Cost of Hearse Van Service

The price of the hearse van starts from Rs. 2000/- and can go up to Rs. 20,000/-.

Types of Decoration of Hearse Van
  1. Decorated Garuda Vahana

When it comes to giving a perfect send-off to your loved one, you can never do enough. You always want to do your best. We at Anthyesti are at your service to fulfill your intent. We provide well-decorated hearse vans for your loved one’s last journey. So that you can give a perfect farewell to your loved one.

  1. Hearse van with basic decoration: We have all types of hearse vans as per your budget. We provide a hearse van with basic decoration as well.
  2. Hearse van without decoration: If you want to keep it simple, Anthyesti provides the hearse van without any decoration.
Important Points To Remember While Booking For Hearse Van:
  1. It should be clean.
  2. It should be well-spaced.
  3. It should be air-conditioned to make sure that the temperature remains controlled to prevent the body from decaying.
Anthyesti Provides Spacious Air-Conditioned Hearse Vans.

Hearse Van Service:

Call Anthyesti Funeral Services for Hearse Van!

Death is uncertain but a truth of life. It can happen anywhere, and you need a vehicle to carry the body of the deceased. A hearse van is for taking the dead body from hospital to home or from home to the cremation ground. In times of grief, it can be difficult for the family to look for a hearse van.

It is here that Anthyesti Funeral Services comes into the picture. We can help in arranging the funeral services and every element related to it. It includes the hearse van for the dead body, as well. All you need to do is simply make a call to avail of the services.

You can also book hearse van for dead body online from our website. When you lose a loved one, making the arrangements can be a hassle. Families struggle to cope up emotionally with the loss, let alone talk about arranging for a funeral. The circumstances of death can be uncertain, and many people can leave for the heavenly abode when they are out of the home. In these circumstances, carrying the body of the deceased to the hospital, home, or cremation ground is necessary.

Thus, a hearse van can prove to be of help in picking and transferring the remains of the deceased person. Our drivers are well-trained and make the remains reach their destination with proper care. We strive to offer a peaceful last ride to your loved one.

Why Anthyesti Hearse Vans?

Timely: Anthyesti, hearse van services are always on time.

Affordable: Anthyesti hearse van services are reasonably priced, and you will be satisfied with our high-quality services.

Best quality:  Anthyesti offers the best quality hearse van services with efficient drivers.

Ambulance Service: Anthyesti:

Anthyesti also provides dead body ambulance services or hearse van services.  We provide ambulances for medical emergencies as well.  You can call on the above number for ambulance services as well.

Freezer Box Service:  Anthyesti

A funeral service is quite intricate, with a lot of details to handle. We at Anthyesti, offer end-to-end services, which also include a dead body freezer box service.  We provide an ambulance with a freezer box as well.

Price of Freezer Box

The prices of a freezer box will range between INR 5000 and 10000. However, a regular freezer box will cost you around INR 4500.

Crematoriums Near Inderpuri:

1.Cremation  Ground Shamshan Ghar,Inderpuri  – 1.5 Km  from Inderpuri

2.Army Cremation Ground – 8 Km from Inderpuri

3.Punjabi Bagh Shamshan Bhumi – 6.6 Km from Inderpuri

Hospitals in and Around Inderpuri:

  1. Sri Guru Nanak Charitable Hospital - 400 m
  2. Behl Hospital – 3.6 Km
  3. Janki Das Kapoor Memorial Hospital – 2.6 Km
  4. Nijhara Hospital – 5.9 Km
  5. MKW Hospital – 6 Km
  6. BLK Hospital – 5.6 Km
  7. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital – 7.1 Km
  8. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital – 7.4 Km
  9. Maharaja Agrasen Hospital – 7.4 Km
  10. Shree Jeewan Hospital – 8.1 Km
  11. Charak Palika Hospital – 11 Km
  12. Jeewan Mala Hospital – 8 Km
  13. Saroj Super Speciality Hospital - 15 Km
  14. Fortis Hospital,Shalimar Bagh – 12 Km

Temples in Inderpuri:

  1. Arya Samaj Mandir
  2. Shiv Mandir Inderpuri
  3. Mariaman Temple
  4. Madrashi Mandir
  5. Hanuman Mandir
  6. Shitla Devi Mandir