Goudaan Service in Varanasi


Goudaan Service in Varanasi

Godhaan service


As per hindu vedas and scriptures it is mentioned that human birth is more precious when compared to other forms of life. Worshipping Cow (Go matha) is advised as a great religious ritual in human life one has to follow this. If your planning to perform aparakarya and Goudaan Puja rituals in Varanasi just call Anthyesti and book all the services required for you. Anthyesti will arrange Best experienced Pandith form your for performing and guiding you through all the rituals.

It is most important to perform Goudaan Puja because in hindu religion cows are considered as a god and the cow milk will be equal to nectar (Amrita).  In fact Hindu religious followers will believe and respect the status of mother. So Hindu Religious people will give more importance to Caring and nourishing a cow. And also Hindu scriptures and vedas specify that all goddesses (Devatas) reside inside the body of the cow.

The cow has come directly from Vaikunta(domicile of Lord Maha Vishnu). In shastras it is mentioned as, if you’re donating a cow to the charity instead of giving money it is praiseworthy to do so. Donation Cow with the calf will get you more punya with limitless blessings.

Performing Godhan is also considered as more important in Aparakarya, Because it is a part of Dashadana, in this one of dana is offering a cow along with calf to the poor brahmin. This dana ritual also will help the departed soul to reach pitru loka peacefully. Anthyesti is well experienced in arranging for all these puja as per the requirements. Our well experienced and knowledgeable pandits in varanasi will assist you through all the rituals. If you’re planning to perform any rituals in Varanasi just do one phone call Anthyesti will arrange everything for you.


The Popular Places of Conducting Last Rites and Also Do Live Cremations in Varanasi Is :

Manikarnika Ghat : This is one of the holiest cremation grounds among the sacred riverfronts, alongside the river Ganga, in the city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Harishchandra Ghat : One of the numerous kings who ruled India and left an indelible impression on the Hindu way of life was Raja Harischandra. This ghat is named after him.

Dashashwamedh Ghat : Ganga Aarti (ritual of offering prayer to the Ganges river) is held daily at dusk. Several priests perform this ritual by carrying deepam and moving it up and down in a rhythmic tune of bhajans. Special aartis are held on Tuesdays and on religious festivals.