Flower Clad Ceremony of the Funeral

Happiness in the city of joy can often be sorrowful. The city has a rich heritage and unmatched family bonds. But it loses its charm when someone close to such families goes on a heavenly journey. In such circumstances, the family has less time to manage their deep emotions with responsibility. Since the arrangements for the funeral ceremony are a big task, Kolkata dead body carrier service takes responsibility efficiently.

It requires complete research on each element required for the purpose. The Hindu tradition requires the involvement of a priest who chants the holy sessions during the ceremony. The cremation can be of the immediate type or delayed type. The immediate type of cremation requires the rituals to be fast and quick, while in the delayed-type proper planning and execution are necessary.

The arrangements include the use of flowers chosen as per the requirements and demands of the family members. But the choice of flowers depends on many factors. The family members also give suggestions regarding the flowers used in the funeral ceremony.

Flowers play an integral part in the expression of human emotions and feelings. Thus, the choice of flowers during the funeral ceremony is unparalleled. Each of the flowers depicts and decipher a special emotion, be it happiness or sadness. The mourning over the loss of a near one put people in a situation where they choose the most appropriate way to give flowers to deliver condolences.

Ways to Include Flowers in an Innovative Way:

  • Garlands- Giving garlands made of assorted flowers play a pivotal role in the funeral ceremony in depicting true emotions. This also carries a serious meaning. The decoration of flowers all over the hearse vans flower states unmatchable wordless emotions for the deceased person. This is a tribute to the deceased soul.
  • Flower sprays can be another way of expressing feelings of melancholy on the loss of a dear one. They remain on top of a platform at the funeral ceremony. There are certain flower-made baskets forming a specific structure and is a special form of dedication.  The flower baskets are an integral part of the ceremony. They also come in various shapes and sizes.
  • There are few flower caskets near the carrier van or else near the dead body. This is also a symbol of respect. The family members show respect to the deceased soul and keep them beside the body.
  • Some wreaths are usually there near the deceased soul. This represents eternal life after death. The concept of life after death makes the family members perform such a ritual.
  • There are traditions of giving some green plants and flower-bearing plants. But this is an unusual manner to pay tribute to the deceased soul. These plants with some special planters remain to close members.

Some Guide to the Flowers Used in Funeral:

Hindu tradition relies on the use of white flowers for the funeral ceremony. Lilies and Gladiolus are important choices for the purpose.

Dead body carrier service in Kolkata is gaining importance during the funeral ceremony as per our culture and tradition.