Etiquette for Missing a Funeral

Sometimes in your life, when someone you know dies, and you are unable to attend their funeral for some reason. And you do not know how to offer condolences to the deceased’s family in this situation? So, you are not the only one facing this situation, and many other people are facing the same situation. To resolve your issue, we explain different ways to condolences to the deceased’s family.

7 Steps to take when missing a funeral

1. Send sympathy flowers:

Most of the flowers are used to offer condolences to the deceased’s family. One thing to keep in mind before sending flowers, some families may not consider sending flowers a good sign, or some may find flowers or arrangements inappropriate, so do some research before choosing a bouquet.

2. Send a Sympathy Card:

Another way to offer condolences is to send a card to the family of the deceased. These sympathy cards should contain the basic things you want to consider, such as the family knowing that you cannot attend the funeral, you can tell them that I want to help you. And you can tell them that I am always with you.

3. Offer Help or Visit:

In this situation, the family of the deceased has a lot of work to do, such as funeral arrangements and dealing with grief. Offering your help may seem out of place, but the family usually appreciates it, especially if you offer solid work that you want to help. Consider offering to help with everyday tasks or big projects you are familiar with.

4. Attend Online Funeral Rites:

If you can’t attend the funeral personally, look at other ways to attend. Many families are using the live stream service so that those who are not physically able can also participate in the service. If you cannot participate in the live stream of the service, you can ask the family if there is a recorded version of the service that you can watch after the services become available.

5. Inform RSVP About your Non availability:

Several families apply for RSVPs for funeral services with the aim of gaining the number of people attending. Assuming you have as of now marked yourself as an attendant, now inform the family About your non-availability.

6. Donate money to cause in name of departed soul:

Many families do not have money for funeral arrangements, and they want your help. So, this is the best time for you to help a grieving family.

7. Avoid Phone Calls:

People avoid talking on the phone in times of grief. So, avoid calling. You can also text. If you are close to the grieving person, ask if I can call you or not.

What to say when you can’t attend a funeral?

  • Please accept my apologies. I am not with you at this time.
  • I’m giving you a virtual hug. I realize that today will be a difficult day.
  • You know, if things were different, I would be with you today.


If you cannot join the burial, it is careful right etiquette to offer your condolences in another way. You shouldn’t feel guilty, though.

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