Entrepreneurship – What They Did Not Teach You in School

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Entrepreneurship gives one joy of creation, freedom to implement one’s ideas, and an opportunity to learn and grow as one moves ahead on this path. It is a belief that humans are genetically predisposed to being entrepreneurs. It is because being an entrepreneur is about creating something. We, humans, are creators by nature and therefore enjoy our creation and the process of creating as well.  

It does not mean that it is an easy path without any challenges. It is certainly not an easy road to success. One goes through many trials and tribulations through one’s entrepreneurial journey, and ultimate success depends on some mental and emotional skills that they never teach you in the school. So here are some mindsets and heart set that they never teach you in school and are significant to succeed as an entrepreneur:

1. Take failure in your stride: If you want to be successful in entrepreneurship, you must learn to take failure in your stride. It is something that schools never teach us because, in our education system, failure is not feedback. It is considered a lack of potential in someone. 

If we don’t have that fear, failure is only an indicator of the opportunity and scope to learn from it and grow.

2. Strong willpower to succeed: The most significant trait that you need to have is the indomitable will to succeed. 

It is something that they don’t teach you in school. Entrepreneurship is not for those who are weak. One needs a strong will to succeed as there are many ups and downs when you start your own business. You must know that 8 out of 10 things may not work out, but if you keep pursuing your goals, you will eventually succeed.

3. Listen to your gut feeling: When you start something new, a lot of people who have good intentions for your life try to persuade you against doing it. Why do they want to stop you from doing what you feel like you want to do the most? 

It is because they have never done it themselves, so they don’t want you to take any risk. However, if you feel strongly about it, then you should listen to your gut feeling and go ahead.

4. Learn to manage money and cash flow: We should teach our kids about money and how to manage it in school. It is essential to learn about debt management and the pros and cons of it. Schools should teach us about investments and wealth creation. However, all these things they never teach in schools, and therefore you need to learn it on your own. Success is not just about earning money. It is also about managing it well and learning to grow it.

5. Learn to prioritize: You never learn the art of prioritizing in your school. It is a skill you need the most to be a successful entrepreneur. 

The better you prioritize, the more you get done.

Don’t just dream, do.  

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