Dead body freezer box in Bangalore

Freezer box in Bangalore

Dead Body Freezer Box In Bangalore

Death is a very unfortunate event that leaving families devastated. Though we know that death is the ultimate truth we find it so difficult to accept the truth and life becomes paralyzed at that moment when we lose our loved one.  When someone you love dies, a part of you dies with them.

The grieving family frequently don’t know where to begin?

You can never plan for death and the funeral process in your grief. Along with grief and bereavement, death brings with it the responsibility, of carrying out the funeral service for the deceased. The family is supposed to be together grieving and mourning but instead are caught up in arranging for the logistics and getting things ready for the funeral. It is here we at Anthyesti come into the picture, where you are at a loss where to begin we are there to arrange A to Z connected with your last journey, we will take charge of carrying out the funeral service of your loved one with respect and dignity.

Funerals services are held on the same day or held on a later date till all the members of the family and friends who stay far away or in foreign land arrive to have a last glimpse of their loved one and bid adieu, this is when we require to preserve the body in cold temperature so that the body of the diseased stays fresh till the funeral service is completed.

What do you need to know if you’re loved one stays in a different state or country?

There is a requirement for a dead body freezer box when your loved one stays in a different state or country and the happen to pass away and you want to transport the mortal remains of your loved one to your native place for the rituals you will need a freezer box if the body needs to be preserved for a longer time a mortuary freezer box is used as very low temperatures can be maintained. The temperature in the dead body freezer box is maintained at a very low temperature with the help of ice, dry ice, and gel packs.  A dead body freezer box is found in hospitals to keep the bodies till all the legal formalities are completed and then it is handed over to the family. Railway stations, airport, disaster camps, and army cantonments have mortuary freezer boxes in which the temperature is -15 degree Celsius, it is a double-layered cabinet which prevents any foul smell which is emitted from the box. The temperature inside the box can be controlled.

Anthyesti understands the mourning family and their pain but also knows their need in case of a death, we assure you that your loved one is given an appropriate funeral. We free you of all your worries and tensions of arrangements to be made after the loss of a loved one. We offer dead body freezer box services in Bangalore which preserve the body and prevent further decay. Our services for mortuary dead body freezer box in Bangalore help store dead bodies in case they have to be transported later if the family members are awaited for the final journey.

Anthyesti Funeral Services provide the best quality and well maintained dead body freezer boxes in and around Bangalore at an affordable price. We are just a call away from your place of requirement. We provide a 24/7 service with safety. We are there to assist you in the last journey of your loved one.

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