Dead Body Carrier Service in Delhi


Dead body carrier service by Anthyesti for the final journey of the deceased loved one

Passing away of a loved one is one of the most complex emotions to process. It is a painful experience that is challenging to come to terms with. We at Anthyesti try to make the last journey of your loved one respectful by assisting the families at every stage. We strive to make the arrangements easy for the families so that they can grieve in peace. It is not easy for families to look after everything at a time when they are coping up with immense pain.

We make transportation of deceased person easy

One of the major tasks is to transport the deceased person. Families need dead body carriers for transportation from hospital to home or home to cremation/ burial ground. Our dead body carrier service in Delhi makes the task easier for you and assists in the transportation process. We have a fleet of dead body carriers that work day and night to assist the families of deceased people.

Inter-state transportation services

Our carrier services are not just confined to the local city of Delhi. Many families believe that the last rites must be conducted in the hometown of the deceased person. This is also the last wish of many people. We respect your sentiments and make timely arrangements for the transportation of the deceased person from one city to another. Our aim is to offer you everything that you need to fulfill the last wishes of your loved one. Our carrier service in Delhi covers every corner of the city as well as nearby locations.

Well-equipped carriers

We also offer carrier service for taking the deceased from home to burial or cremation ground. We make sure that your loved one gets a quality and comfortable last ride. Our vans are air-conditioned and have a driver and an attendant. This is an emotional journey, and hence our carriers also take the family members along with the deceased person. We want to make the family feel comfortable and fulfill their needs. In case of a special preference, we make sure to execute that as well.

Vans with freezing system

As mentioned above, our dead body carriers are perfect for the transportation of the deceased from one location to another. However, travelling might take few hours, and hence our vans are equipped with built-in freezing systems which prevent the body from decomposing. We make sure that the family doesn’t go through any hassle.

To ensure the best services for dead body carriers in Delhi, we make sure that our vans are well-maintained. It is important for the carriers to be in good condition for a quality experience and comfortable ride. We believe in offering prompt services, which is only possible with well-maintained vans.

At Anthyesti, we try to offer 24*7 supports to the families of the deceased as we understand how difficult it can be to make decisions at such a sensitive moment. For any funeral and last rites-related services, get in touch with Anthyesti.