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Significance of last rites

Passing away a loved one leaves the family in excruciating pain. It is difficult for the family to process the pain, let alone think of arranging for funeral or cremation rituals. However, it is very important to perform the last rites of the deceased individual in every religion or faith. In Hinduism, families perform cremation of the deceased with all the rites and rituals to ensure an easy and peaceful transition of the soul from the mortal world to the heavenly abode.

How Anthyesti can help

We at Anthyesti make sure that the grieving family gets full support from us. Our team is committed to offering full assistance to the families of the deceased in arrangements for cremation, memorial service, dead body van, and every other arrangement. We can not only help you find the right cremation center in Hyderabad but also help you transport the deceased person’s body with the help of our dead body carrier vans.

Choosing crematorium centre

Cremation holds great significance in the last rites of the deceased. In fact, even in the west, some people are opting for the cremation of their loved ones. People choose cremation to stick to family traditions. There are many crematorium grounds in Hyderabad, and we can help you choose the one based on your convenience. Usually, families choose a crematorium that is near to their home as it makes transportation easy. Even if you choose a cremation centre at a distant location, we can manage it all for you.

One needs to make a booking in the crematorium as there are other families as well for the last rites of their loved ones. We make the bookings on behalf of the family so that families need not worry about the arrangement. Our team is dedicated to offering all the required assistance at every step.

Cremation service in Hyderabad

Apart from finding the crematorium, we also offer a cremation service in Hyderabad. We will take care of all the arrangements so that you can grieve in peace with your family members. Sometimes pain and sadness can cloud your decisions, and therefore you can rely on our cremation service. Our services consist of arranging for last rites, ambulance for cremation, arranging for the priest, flowers, and other essentials for the cremation.

Cremation is a personalized ritual where every family has its own wishes. Many times, the people pre-plan their funeral and mention their last wishes in advance. We help in executing that as well. We have our network with the best vendors so that we can find the best deals for you in your budget.

Our team is dedicated to each grieving family and helps them like their own people. We have empathetic people in our team who understand your pain and stand by your side whenever you need a helping hand.

For more information on our cremation services and cremation centres in Hyderabad, get in touch with us today. Our team is ready to help 24*7.