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Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium : Online Booking

Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium is an eco-friendly crematorium, which allows people to perform stress-free and calmful last rites for their loved ones. It is managed by the Phoenix Foundation, in a very clean and orderly state for performing the last rites in the most hygienic way possible. The lush greenery and the beautiful offset of the […]

Cremation meaning in Bengali : Last Goodbye

Cremation is the burning of a corpse into ashes. This is a ritual followed by many cultures around the world, including the Bengali culture. Cremation has been practiced in Bengali culture for centuries and has significant cultural and religious significance. This article delves into the meaning of cremation in Bengali, its cultural significance, and the […]

Hindu Cremation Rituals in India

In India, cremation is an important religious and spiritual practice that has been part of the culture for centuries. This guide explores the Hindu cremation rituals and explains the associated practices related to this custom. What Does Cremation Mean in Hindi? The word “cremation” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Jatharagni”, which literally means “fire […]

Embalming Process of a Body Before Cremation

Cremation has been widely recognized by everyone after their dear one’s death, but the process of cleaning and embalming the body is still uncertain to many. The process of preparing a body for cremation needs to be done with respect and dignity and can involve many steps such as embalming, dressing, metal removal, and identification. […]

Understanding The Meaning Behind Christian Cremation

Christian cremation is an ancient ritual that has been practised for centuries in some religious communities, and it continues to have deep spiritual and social significance today. Learn about the origins of the practice, its importance to different Christian denominations, and what steps you should take if you are considering a Christian cremation. What is […]

Exploring The Pros and Cons of Body Cremation

Cremation is quickly becoming a more popular choice than traditional burials. It offers a way to commemorate your loved one while lessening your environmental impact and saving money. This article explores the various pros and cons of body cremation so you can make an informed decision. Environmental Advantages and Disadvantages of Cremation. Cremation does offer […]

Understanding Electric and Wooden Cremation Options

When it comes to cremations, there are two main types. Electric and wooden – each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between electric and wooden cremations. So that you can make an informed decision about which is the best option for you. What are the differences between […]

What Happens During the Cremation Process?

Overview of the cremation process. The process is relatively straightforward. Once any viewing or funeral is over, there is no need for the remains to be present, and an autopsy, if needed, the cremation services can complete. Different state laws vary regarding the speed with which cremation can achieve. At Anthyesti, you can trust us […]