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Exploring India’s Mysterious Amberpet Hindu Cremation Ground

Located in the heart of India’s bustling city of Hyderabad. Amberpet Hindu Cremation Ground has long been a source of fascination for visitors seeking to experience. And understand the traditional Hindu spiritual rituals associated with death. Through this post, we will explore the rich history behind this sacred site. And learn more about its unique […]

Cremation Ground – Wisdom

We have always dealt with people. Who seem to be afraid or not interested in going to a cremation ground. As it gives them a negative aura. This has been an ongoing discussion every time. We have a discussion about going to a cremation rites of a deceased person. We always portray certain empathetic comments […]

Nigambodh ghat
A day at Nigambodh ghat in Delhi

Nigambodh ghat has soon become an attraction for the youth in Delhi. It is locate at The Ring Road around the area of Kashmiri gate. You can easily find it at the backside of the Red Fort. Interestingly it is a haven for all the migratory birds since ancient times. If you are a birdwatcher […]