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Six Stories In The Frame Of Shibu-Nandita, ‘’ Coming.

Sandipta Bhanj: How will I be bid farewell after forever loving a person ? Many people turn to such questions. Someone or someone wants something of their own. Whoever wants to go to the grandchildren or grandchildren or children. After the death, the funeral is done at the will of the person concerned. Many again seek the help of a funeral planner to implement […]

Shiboprasad-Nandita Announces New Film Pertaining to Death and Last Rites

Kolkata : Hanging frames on a light yellow stage. From that frame is the garland hanging. Whose memory is this garland for? The frame is empty. None of the many frames on the stage have any pictures. So what is the purpose of arranging so many memories? Shiboprasad Mukherjee, the director of the North Mill. All these arrangements are actually to announce the […]

Shibo Prasad Nandita Will Tell The Story Of A Funeral Planner.

Nandita Roy and Shibo Prasad Mukhopadhyay’s next film ‘’ is named. The film depicts the biography of a female funeral planner. The picture was announced today. Kolkata: South Indian young woman Shruti Reddy won the award in 2018 by launching a start-up business on funeral services. And this time, the story of her struggles and successes are going […]

Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Way

We are immensely happy to declare that women entrepreneurs are getting the attention and respect they deserve. Around 14% of the total entrepreneurship in India constitutes women entrepreneurs. Ms. Shruthi Reddy, the founder of Anthyesti, a home for funeral services has been playing her role in contributing to the nation’s economy and proving it to […]

On the Way to a Win, With Compassion

Innopreneurs is a yearly contest launched by Lemon Ideas for Indian Entrepreneurs. It is a nation-wide contest that encourages entrepreneurs to share innovative ideas and concepts with others. Anthyesti has partnered with Pramod, the founder of Last Ripple and has taken part in the Innopreneurs- Start-up Contest 2019. We have, as a team, presented our […]