Can You Transport a Dead Body in Your Own Car?

Transport a Dead Body in Your Own Car

Death can happen anywhere anytime due to many different reasons. No one is sure when death can befall on them. It’s one of the most unpredictable yet inevitable truths of human life.

You can die in your home in front of your family or at a hospital where you must have been undergoing treatment for a particular health complication. You may die suddenly while on a family vacation or on a business trip, having no one with you.

Whatever the case may be the body of the deceased needs to be transported to the burial ground or cemetery, according to his religion and questions like can a dead body be transported in a car may arise in your mind.

In most cases the arrangements for the deceased transportation will be made by the funeral director, who ensures all the details regarding the transportation of the corpse, according to rules and regulations laid down by the state. There are many legal laws pertaining to the transportation of a dead body in India.

For ex, you need a death certificate from the doctor or the hospital authority, if death took place in the hospital. In case of an unnatural death, you will need a report of the post mortem and a police NOC. Most Indian states require embalming of the body before the human remains are brought within its territory, so in that case, you will need an embalming certificate too.

If death has taken place in the city of residence, the body can be easily transported by ground using an ambulance car, truck or a hearse from the place of death to the final burial place. You can also book van for dead body. If you have hired a funeral director they may send their own vehicle to collect the dead body or arrange an approved carrier. You can also ask the funeral director as to can you transport a dead body in your own car. The cost of transportation depends on the distance from the place of death to the final resting place. If he distance to be travelled is long you can opt for a mortuary ambulance which has the facilities of a refrigeration box to avoid decomposition of the dead body.

If due to any reasons the death has happened outside the home state, then the body can be shipped via air cargo. However, not all airlines allow this facility. You may need to make prior enquiries or collaborate with a funeral director. A funeral director would make all necessary arrangement for the collection of the body at the destination airport by any of his funeral representatives in that state. There are many stringent rules when a dead body has to be transported via an air cargo so it’s best to take the services of the funeral director.

Once the dead body is successfully brought to its final resting place, you can start the funeral services. Family and friends can mourn over the loss and reminisce the good times spent with the deceased.

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