Asthi Visarjan Service in Varanasi


Asthi Visarjan Service in Varanasi

Asthi Visarjan Service


In shastras also it mentioned that performing last rites to the deceased in the form of agni sparsh or cremation is the best way to give the farewell to the dead when compared to burying. India is completely filled with holy cities one among those cities is Varanasi, Also Varanasi considered as the best place for performing asthi visarjan because in scriptures it has mentioned that performing asthi visarjan in Varanasi will give more benefits when it is compared to doing in other places. Once the cremation is done the left over bones and ashes will be collected on the third day after the cremation.

After collecting the ashes or asthi until doing the Visarjan in the sacred river there are some rituals that have to be performed. There is a spiritual importance for this entire process, so all these rituals have to be done in a more accurate manner. After completing asthi visarjan process you can also perform Pind daan in Gaya so that the deceased departed soul will attain moksha.

The asthi visarjan process has more significance in detaching all the attachment with the material world and attaining the state of moksha. Also our spiritual research has confirmed that asthi visarjan has to done in flowing water will gives you the more benefits to the decease and their family members

Anthyesti will  provide the best purohit in varanasi for performing asthi visarjan, Anthyesti has all well experienced and knowledgeable pandith for performing all the rituals. Once the booking is done all the responsibilities will be taken by Anthyesti.


Importance of performing Asthi Visarjan/ Nimarjan

The entire earth is filled with positive and negative energies everytime energies will be trying to overbear other energy. In Hindu religion after death all the rituals are considered sacred and followed with complete devotion.

In India Asthi Visarjan is the most important post death ritual. All Hindu holy book specify that the deceased soul will end all the material world connection only after the asthi visarjan. Only after detaching all the connection soul can start the journey towards the Moksha

The departed soul’s destination will depend on the good and bad karmas. It is very important to perform the asthi visarjan once after cremating the deceased body, this asthi visarjan will helps the soul to start the new journey with less pain and suffering, as well as make it easier for it to reach its next destination, some last rituals for the Hindu dearly departed have to be performed. Once after the deceased body is cremated, leftover bones and Ashes have to be collected and it has to be immersed in the running water. If you choose any holy river it will give more benefits to the deceased soul and their family members. This complete process in Hindu Ritual is called Asthi Visarjan or Asthi Nimarjan.

Asti Nimajjanam

In Hindu Religion Asthi Visarjan is one of the most important rituals one has to perform after the cremation. All Hindu holy books specify that after completing Asthi visarjan only the deceased soul will detach from all the connection which has with the physical world. When the soul gets out of all its connection then only the soul’s new journey will begin. The Asthi Visarjan process helps the soul to start New journey, and also it makes it easier for the soul to reach its new destination.

Many of Hindu Families who are staying outside of India will also travel back to India to immerse the ashes of their deceased dear one in the holy Water. And also for completing the post death rituals. For performing Asthi visarjan in Varanasi you can book experienced pandits from anywhere through online. Anthyesti will fulfill all your requirements by arranging the best pandith service  in Varanasi.


The Popular Places of Conducting Last Rites and Also Do Live Cremations in Varanasi Is :

Manikarnika Ghat : This is one of the holiest cremation grounds among the sacred riverfronts, alongside the river Ganga, in the city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Harishchandra Ghat : One of the numerous kings who ruled India and left an indelible impression on the Hindu way of life was Raja Harischandra. This ghat is named after him.

Dashashwamedh Ghat : Ganga Aarti (ritual of offering prayer to the Ganges river) is held daily at dusk. Several priests perform this ritual by carrying deepam and moving it up and down in a rhythmic tune of bhajans. Special aartis are held on Tuesdays and on religious festivals.