Shiboprasad-Nandita Will Tell us the Story Of A Female Funeral Planner.

At, This Will Be The New Picture Of Windows. The Inspiration For That Film Is Shruti Reddy.

  • Tune In To The Audition Of ‘Anthyesti Funeral Services Private Limited’, Eastern India’s First Funeral Company.

Director Shibo Prasad-Nandita had already said that this is going to be a big surprise on the day of Sankranti. However, everyone has been talking about what is going to be such a shock for so long. On that day, the car came to a stop near the pujo mondal  of Triradha Sammalini, where Nandita Roy came down from there! The wreath hangs in a blank frame on the stage. What happens nobody is understanding. Director Shibo Prasad Mukherjee finally opened. They announced their new movie,, this will be the new picture of Windows. The inspiration for that film is Shruthi Reddy. Tune in to the audition of ‘Anthyesti Funeral Services Private Limited’, Eastern India’s first funeral company.

  • Time Is Changing, Society Is Changing. People Do Not Have To Be In Any Less Danger At Funerals Today If There Is No Manpower. Or Even If You Do Not Have A Loved One, The Funeral Arrangements Are Difficult. This Is The Company With The Most Difficult-To-Listen Source. The Story Of A Female Funeral Planner Will Be The main protaganist Of Shibo Prasad-Nandita’s movie. Shruthi Reddy herself Was present At The Official Announcement Of The Film.
  • Shibo Prasad Mukhopadhyay Said, ‘We Learned About Shruthi Reddy By Reading In A Magazine. Starts Anthyesti Funeral Service As A Casualty, There Was No Financial Aid To Open A Startup Company In This Genre, But It Did Not stop her dreams. This Audacious Battle Of Anthyesti  Is Our Picture With His Story.
  • Nandita Roy Has Already Finished Filming The Film. But Tollywood’s ‘Hit Machine’ Has Not Yet Told Who Is Acting In The Film Or When The Shooting Will Begin.

Keeping in view Hami’s success, in November, the two upcoming films were formally announced by Windows, “Junior Pundits” and “Junior Comrades”. The ‘Junior Pundits’ will be released in December 2020. Now ShiboPrasad-Nandita is busy with that film.

After that the former director Prasenjit Chattopadhyay will meet again in this film.

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