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Anthyesti: At your doorstep during an emergency.

Offering services from Road ambulance to air ambulance.

In an emergency Call:  +919883318181

Services Provided by Anthyesti:
  1. Dead Body Ambulance Services:Anthyesti funeral services provides ambulance services to carry the dead body from hospital to home and from home to the funeral ground.

Anthyesti, helps in with transportation of human remains carrying human remains both domestically and internationally. The human remains are transported by road, by train, and by air.

  1. Medical Emergency Ambulance Services:Medical emergencies cannot be predicted. In such a situation it is critical that the patient be transported safely from home to the hospital. It needs professional guidance.  Anthyesti provides best medical emergency ambulance services that are affordable by all.

Types of ambulances: When it comes to an emergency, you cannot take chances with life.  You have got to take the best ambulance facility to transport the patient safely to the hospital.  Anthyesti provides various ambulances that come with different types of facilities. They are equipped to safely transport the patient to the hospital in an emergency situation.  You can choose any of the ambulances as per your choice and preference.

  1. Basic life support(BLS) or normal ambulance: A normal ambulance is a basic life support ambulance. They provide the patient with pre-hospital support during the transportation to the hospital.  It has all the medical equipment fittedsuch as blood pressure gauges, stethoscopes, thermometers, medical tapes, flashlights and blankets etc. This ambulance is used for patients with fractures, psychiatric patients, and other non- emergency patients.
  2. Ac Ambulance with Oxygen Supply: The air-conditioned ambulances (AC Ambulance) are equipped with oxygen supply, foldable stretcher, emergency lights, and sirens etc.
  3. Advanced life support (ALS) or ICCU Ambulance with Ventilator Support: Advanced life support ambulance has paramedic on board.  The ambulance is equipped with a ventilator, ECG, cardiac life support for patients in critical condition.
Cost of Ambulance Services:

The price for ambulance services starting from Rs. 1500/- for a normal ambulance to Rs. 6000/- for other specially equipped ambulances like the ICCU ambulance with ventilator support.

Dead Body Transport Ambulance:
Call Anthyesti Funeral Services for Dead Body Van!

Death is uncertain but a truth of life. It can happen anywhere, and you need a vehicle to carry the body of the deceased. A dead body van is used for carrying the deceased person from hospital to home or from home to the cremation ground. In times of grief, it can be difficult for the family to look for a dead body carrying van.

It is here that Anthyesti Funeral Services comes into the picture. We can help in arranging the funeral services and every element related to it.  This includes the van for dead body, as well. All you need to do is simply make a call to avail the services.

You can also book van for dead body online from our website. When you lose a loved one, making the arrangements can be a hassle. Families struggle to cope up emotionally with the loss, let alone talk about arranging for a funeral. The circumstances of death can be uncertain, and many people can leave for the heavenly abode when they are out of the home. In these circumstances, carrying the body of the deceased to the hospital, home, or cremation ground is necessary.

Thus, a dead body van can prove to be helpful in picking and transferring the remains of the deceased person. Our drivers are well-trained and make the remains reach their destination with proper care. We strive to offer a peaceful last ride to your loved one.

Why Anthyesti Ambulance Services?

Fast and timely Services:  Anthyesti, ambulance services are fast and timely, which is critical in saving a life.

Affordable: Anthyesti ambulance services are reasonably priced and you will feel satisfied with our high-quality services.

Best quality:  Anthyesti offers best quality ambulance services with efficient drivers and qualified medical and para-medical staff.  Our drivers and helpers are maintaining absolute hygiene by using PPE kits during the pandemic.

Freezer Box Service:  Anthyesti

A funeral service is quite intricate, with a lot of details to handle. We at Anthyesti, offer end-to-end services, which also includes a dead body freezer box service.We provide ambulance with freezer box as well.

Price of Freezer Box

The prices of a freezer box will range between INR 5000 and 10000. However, a regular freezer box will cost you around INR 4500.

Hearse Van Service:  Anthyesti

Anthyesti also provides hearse van service besides the ambulance services to carry the dead body from hospital to home and from home to the crematorium.

Crematoriums near  Connaught Place:

1.Ram Bagh Shamsan Bhumi – 2.2 Km from Connaught Place

2.Nigambodh Ghat – 8.5 Km from Connaught Place

3.Shamshan Ghat-Geeta Colony – 8.5 Km from Connaught Place

4.Punjabi Bagh Shamshan Bhumi – 11 Km from Connaught Place

Hospitals in and around Connaught Place:

1.Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital – 1.3 Km

2.Northern Railway Central Hospital – 900 m

3.Smt Sucheta Kriplani Hospital – 1.7 Km

4.Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital – 1.9 Km

Temples in and around Connaught Place:

1.Shri Ganesh Mandir Connaught Place

2.Arya Samaj Temple

3.Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir

4.Shri Pipleshwari Kali Mandir

5.Aggarwal Digamber Jain Mandir

6.Shri Shiv Mandir