Ambulance Service in Hitec – City

Ambulance Services

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What is the role of an ambulance in our life? What are the services that one can get from an ambulance?


The primary objective of all ambulance services is emergency pre-hospital medical care, although they generally provide both emergency response and patient transfer on behalf of the health sector. They provide access to health services, mainly out of hours, and contribute significantly to telephone triage and telephone health services through sophisticated communications infrastructure. In recent years, increasing health system pressures cannot be resolved only by adding resources but must also be addressed with new methods of service delivery


Ambulance service is ideally placed


The ambulance facility is ideally placed to be part of the first line in the health care continuum and can significantly contribute to ‘treat and transfer’ or ‘treat and leave’ programs. Suppose ambulance service in Hitec city can develop towards out-of-hospital clinical care rather than merely pre-hospital clinical care. In that case, they could substantially add to the functionality of the health system. This could also have been through more efficient transfer of patient information, more efficient movement of patients, ambulance service with a public service rather than profit-driven philosophy, and patient treatment regimes consistent with the broader health system.


24x7 Availability


Ambulance services in Hitec city can also be the primary providers of a 24/7 response to medical and trauma-related emergencies. They provide us with a disciplined and organized system, allowing a timely response of appropriately qualified health care workers often to potential or confirmed medical emergencies.


Although the significant trauma centers provide medical teams, coordination of the team and rescue helicopter is provided by the ambulance communications center and crewed in most instances with intensive care paramedics. By integrating these services into the health system generally, their respective strategic agenda is aligned, increasing efficiency and providing an opportunity for an ambulance service, with its relevant expertise, to influence the outcome of ‘health’ initiatives.