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Kinds Of Funeral Preparations To Know About For A Better Send-Off To The Gone Ones

There is nothing more challenging than bidding goodbye to a close friend or family member upon their death. One can only try to save their life up to a point. However, it becomes a helpless situation if they have breathed their last. In such a situation, the only thing near and dear people can arrange funeral services in the best way possible. Anthyesti can do all such preparations on behalf of the family who lost their member.

We offer trouble-free and timely funeral services apart from the dead body ambulance service in dumdum. Our services are not confined to just Dumdum; we currently run in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune. As far as funeral preps are concerned, here is what we have to offer professionally.

  • Embalming Service- This service is about preserving the dead body with the help of some chemicals and other techniques so that it looks to be in sound sleep. People opt for these services to bid their loved ones goodbye in a good state of appearance. We assure massaging, injecting, and other necessary things for proper embalming.

Funeral Arrangement- Understandably, the mourning friend and family might not be in a condition to arrange the funeral. The team at Anthyesti will take care of all such necessities as booking funeral grounds, getting flowers, bringing caskets, digging burials, or doing other things as per the religious views. We can also move the dead body to and fro a place with our ambulance service in dumdum. 

  • Online Funeral- The last two years changed things drastically due to the pandemic 2020. It got utterly challenging to gather at one place due to the risk of coronavirus widespread. Thus, we started conducting online prayer meetings where people can pay their regards and condolences.