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Life and death are the truth of life, but it is never easy for people to accept the death of a loved one. It leaves the family grieving and in immense pain. There is so much that needs to be done after a loved one leaves for a heavenly abode, but the mind is clouded with sadness that families find it difficult to cope with the responsibilities.

It is here that Anthyesti comes into the picture. We help the grieving families make all the arrangements for transporting the body of the loved ones and make arrangements for the funeral and memorial services. We are there to support the family of the deceased at every stage from beginning to end. Our aim is to help families in bidding peaceful and respectful goodbye to their loved ones.

Ambulance service

Many people breathe their last in hospitals after fighting illness. The families need to take the deceased people to home for performing the last rituals. Our ambulance service in Delhi can help in transporting the body from the hospital to your home across Delhi in any location.

We have experienced and trustworthy drivers who ensure that the deceased person is transported comfortably. If required, the family members can also accompany in the ambulance with the deceased person.

The ambulance from one city to another

Our ambulance services are not just confined to one city. You can also use them for transporting the deceased from one city to another. There are some families who take the deceased to their home town for last rites. In this case, our ambulance can help. Also, many people get treatment in another city with better healthcare facilities.

If they pass away in any unfortunate incident, the ambulance services can help families take the deceased back to their city. Our ambulances are well equipped, and as mentioned above, a family member or two can accompany the deceased in the ambulance when going from one city to another.

Anthyesti was conceptualized and founded with the aim of offering solace and support to grieving families. It is very difficult to look for phone numbers and directories to connect with the service providers during the hour of pain. The advantage of getting in touch with us is that you can get all funeral-related services under one roof.

Apart from the best ambulance service in Delhi, we also arrange for the last rites of the deceased person based on your religion and faith. We try to fulfill the last wishes of people by being a constant support 24*7. We arrange for persists, memorial hall, flowers, caskets, dead body van, and other necessary essentials services.

All you need to do is rely on us for your needs. We take all the responsibility on our shoulders so that the family of the deceased can grieve in peace. There is nothing more comforting than having a helping hand in the hour of grief. For more information, get in touch with us today.