Dead Body Transport Air Ambulance Cost in India


Air ambulance, as the name suggests is an emergency service provided to transport the dead body through an aeroplane or a helicopter. An air ambulance can use not only to save the life of your loved ones, but also to transport the dead body of the deceased from an abroad country or a different state in the same country to the destination where he/she lives.

Anthyesti is one of the top air ambulance service providers in India. We provide a dead body transport air ambulance to help you during your tough times. Be it a road ambulance or an air ambulance, we are here to serve you. The cost of air ambulance in India changes based on the requirements. It is one of the best and fastest ways of transport at the need of the hour. An air ambulance is better than a wheeled ambulance because of its ability to reach remote areas.

Air ambulance costs include the medical personnel who travel with the body to ensure the body is not decayed. They will be very helpful to make sure the dead body doesn’t decompose during the trip. Besides, air ambulance charges also comprise the equipment that is stock up and on several other factors.

Benefits of Air Ambulance

There are a couple of significant benefits associated with an air ambulance. Some of them are:

  • A quick and convenient way of travelling: When it comes to road transport, air transport is faster and more convenient for travelling. There are many areas where the roads are not proper, especially in rural areas. You can’t travel for longer durations with a dead body on bumpy roads. So, choosing an air ambulance is a convenient option.

When it comes to urban roads, they are decent enough, but the traffic is a concern. At any point of time, the traffic is congest. So, an air ambulance is definitely the most sought-after choice. If you worry about the price, search online for an air ambulance price in India and choose the one that meets your budget. We suggested you to choose Anthyesti for low-cost services.

  • Wide coverage: Air ambulances are not quicker; they cover a wide range of areas. Also, services offer in remote areas. Because of this, they are the preferred choice compared to a road ambulance.

Now you know the benefits of an air ambulance and air ambulance cost per hour, choose the best death body transport service provider like Anthyesti, and transport the dead body easily.

Cost of Air Ambulance in India to Transport the Dead Body

When it comes to the average air ambulance price, it differs from one service provider to the other service provider. But often it ranges between 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh per hour. It is to note that the cost may again vary depending on the distance travelled, type of ambulance, costs incurred during travel, and other medical expenses when the dead body is on board in the air ambulance.

Major Factors on Which the Air Ambulance Cost Changes

Some of the major factors on which the air ambulance price changes are:

  • Distance travelled: If the body transport from a faraway country, the cost will vary. Besides, if the dead body go with their family members, the cost will increase even more because the number of passengers have increased.
  • Type of air ambulance: The type of ambulance required will change based on factors such as:
  1. Dead body condition
  2. Number of people travelling with the dead body
  3. Type of equipment or things needed to keep the body safe without decomposing

Usually, a helicopter ambulance is the perfect choice to go for when you need to reach the destination quickly. It can take off quickly and land at your desired destination so that you can finish the subsequent formalities before the body gets decompose. The journey will be shorter, and the dead body will be in good condition.

  • Airport landing charges: When a dead body evacuate through flights, airports usually charge a landing fee and also handling fees. Besides, extra fees can also incur if the airport keep open for an air ambulance to take off and land.

These are some of the major factors that contribute to air ambulance charges in India. Be it a helicopter ambulance cost or dead body transport air ambulance cost or any other ambulance, you need to spend some money if it is an air ambulance.

Air ambulance is often ignored because of the high cost but it is essential to quickly bring the deceased to the destination, which is more important than the helicopter ambulance cost. Make sure you have someone to help you out in every way during these tough times so that your journey is hassle-free.

But, before booking an air ambulance, you need to take the permission of Air Traffic Control (ATC). They will provide the required permissions and help you. Air ambulance is a service that is very helpful when you want to bring the dead body of your loved one’s to your native place. Looking at the air ambulance helicopter price per hour, don’t ignore it. Know what is important and what is not by making wise decisions in these crucial times.

You might have now got a clear understanding of an air ambulance and the times when it use effectively. Check out the costs associated and the factors that increase the price as well. Research online to find the best service provider so that you get a quality service at an affordable price.

When you need assistance, don’t forget to call the professional team at Anthyesti. Look at the services and the low price that we are offering on our website and contact us. We will always be by your side in your tough times to make your journey hassle-free.

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